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“I’m sorry I wasn’t who you thought I was, fuck it, in sorry I wasn’t who I thought I was”

– Broken Promise - Scroobius Pip


Recent I have found myself saying things from the internet in real life…most people I know look at me funny and most don’t get it. E.g: yesterday I was having a conversation with someone who claimed to have done something; my obvious reply was ‘pics or gtfo’ this was met with blank stares.

Also I started saying ‘amazeballs’ ironically, now I can’t stop!

“I’m sailing away, set an open course, for the virgin sea, cos I’ve got to be free, free to face the life that’s ahead of me…”

I’m sailing away - Eric Cartman

Now you have to finish it in your head…

On my travels

I like to think I’ve done a bit of exploring of the world by now, loads still to go but one universal truth has struck me:

You can always, always, spot the Americans. But, my god, you couldn’t listen to them!

I have no doubt there are any number of Americans who can travel without making a big deal of it but my god there are a huge number who can’t!


Someone in the hotel in staying in in Cusco, Peru has been blasting Robbie Williams since 6:30am!

Dude you aren’t the only person staying here and the walls are paper thin! It’s bad enough the traffic and beeping horns kept waking everyone up all night.

Show some consideration you git!