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The Musings of a Semi-man man

Me, things I like and random thoughts, welcome to a sporadically updated blog with no real theme! Pull up a chair, have some dip, it's nice, it's made from chickpeas I think...
Apr 15 '14


"Kings" + Final Words

Apr 12 '14


oh this is gorgeous

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Apr 11 '14
Apr 11 '14

Family guy the quest for stuff v the Simpsons tapped out

I’ve been playing the Simpsons tapped out for years and having had initial impressions from the family guy world builder game I’ve been impressed so far.

It takes less than 25 minutes to load on 3G. Now part of this May be that my Simpsons town is huge but it’s come to the point where it is so data heavy and slow on 3G that I don’t bother opening the Simpsons game.

I have yet to experience a random crash and subsequent 25 minute re-load.

My major annoyance with the Simpsons tapped out is that no matter why level you are the vast majority of the quests revole around or involve homer or Lisa or both. Again early doors but the family guy game seems to have a little more happening. (Most of my characters I got above level 7 are just always on rolling 24 hour quests as they’re never involved in storyline or world events)

Levelling characters to get quests is an interesting idea as well. The Simpsons for good or ill gives you pretty much everything as soon as you unlock it. Also they seem to have more outdoor quests as well which is always good. Nothing worse than unlocking a character to see ‘shop at the Kwik-e-mart’ and ‘drink at moes’ come up.

We’ll see but so far it’s interesting.

Apr 11 '14

Waking up….

Woke up thinking it was Saturday, I was so happy until I realised it was Friday….

Still Friday is awesome too! Bring on the weekend!

Apr 10 '14


Sex education 

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Apr 9 '14

Swear grammar

I like people who use swearing as punctuation in their sentences when they talk.

I’m not sure if this is a peculiarly Belfast thing or not. E.g,

Actual sentence:

I was an hour and a half late, they wouldn’t let me take lunch

Sentence said:

I was an hour and a half late fuckin’ they wouldn’t let me take lunch

(Based upon a large number of conversations overheard in the street)

Apr 2 '14
Apr 2 '14
"Promised myself I wouldn’t weep, one more promise I couldn’t keep"
Runaway train -soul asylum
Mar 28 '14



Bed views the last 2 mornings.

Heart eyes forever and always

Mar 25 '14

Life Lessons from Magicarp


Life Lessons from Magicarp

Mar 23 '14

me during the zombie apocalypse

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Mar 21 '14
"I was looking for a job then I found a job, and heaven knows I’m miserable now."
Heaven knows in miserable now - the smiths
Mar 21 '14
Mar 21 '14

Worrying that my response to any compliment paid to me is to point out another of my bad qualities…

Must stop doing that, accept compliment….